Monday Night Ladies

Monday Night Ladies

League: Monday Night Ladies

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League Information

Season Starts: September 27th 2021

Draw Time: 630 pm

Fee: $345 plus $25 Community Family Membership

HH Club Rules - 5 Rock Rule, Bell Rule and Make-up Games


 Monday League Rules

Games are scheduled for 8 ends but are played to the buzzer. Draw time is 6:30 pm. Buzzer rings at 8:25 pm.

The Bell will sound 1 hour and 55 min following the start of the draw.

Following the bell - complete the end you are playing. An end is considered finished and the next end starts at the instant the first rock thrown crosses the nearest back line.

A team must not commence play with less than three players, two of which must be regular team members.

If a team is short a player, the first two players shall throw three rocks each.

All regular team members must be registered and have paid their Huntington Hills Community membership.

Registered team members may play any position.

Spares may only play lead or second.

Rock measurement is to be done by the thirds.

All other players should remain out of the house area.

Thirds are responsible for marking the results of each game on the score sheets posted on the bulletin board.

Teams not recording results by the end of a go round will be given a loss.

If the game is tied after regulation play, each team records a tie.

It is recognized that make-up games are often inconvenient for the opposition, therefore, they are discouraged.

If a game cannot be played as scheduled, there is no obligation to the opposition to agree to a make-up game.

If a game is not played, the original team that could not curl must take the loss.


This rule does not apply in the case of ice plant malfunction (or similar situation).

If the ice is unavailable, we reserve the option of awarding each team a tie.

The Canadian Curling Association Rules of Play shall be followed in League play (5 rock free guard zone rule) with the
exception of the substitution rule.

Any items not specifically covered above will be governed by these rules.

Points are awarded as follows:
We have 2 sets of points which are completely separate from each other: One is Grand Aggregate and the other is
Divisional Seeding Points.

The advantage to this is that all teams in the league have an equal chance to win the Grand Aggregate, which is based on number of wins, divisional prize money, and trophies.

Grand Aggregate points are accumulated all year based strictly on win/loss record, regardless of what division you are in.

All Divisions Points for a win Points for a tie Points for a loss
1st go-round:                  2 - 1 - 0
2nd and 3rd go-round: 3 - 1.5 - 0

At the end of the year prizes are awarded to first and second place teams in each division in the 2nd and 3rd go-rounds
and the Grand Aggregate prize money and trophy is awarded to the team with most points.

Divisional seeding points are affected by what division you are playing in and these points are what is used to determine
movement between divisions and are also cumulative over the year, but do not affect prizes or trophies at all.

They do determine club championship teams however.

Points are different for each division and are awarded as follows in each go-round:
Division: Win Tie Loss
A- 10    7     4
B - 9    6     3
C - 8    5     2
D - 7   4      1

At the end of each go round accumulated points for each team are added up and the top 8 teams go into A, the next 8
into B and so on, depending on the total number of teams registered that season.

However, a team can only move up or down one division per go round. If tied for moving up or down a division with another team, it will be broken by:
a) Cumulative head to head record for the year
b) If a tie still exists teams will stay in their current division

In order to qualify for club championships, divisional seeding points would be used and teams will qualify for club
championships because they have finished highest in the seeding point standings.

This ensures we would have our strongest teams representing our club at City Championships.

After the final go-round, total points are again added up and the top three teams in points qualify for club championships.

Thus club championships are not based on Grand Aggregate points at all – it is based on the teams who finish in the top spots in the Divisional seeding point standings.

Should any of the top three teams be unable to participate, the replacement team will be chosen from the next highest
seeded team.

Club championship format will be a single knock out with three teams from Monday night ladies and one team from
Thursday morning ladies.

Spares for club championships must be registered members of our league and may only play lead or second.

However, at least two members of the original team must participate in club championship games.


Junior Teams Entry Deal

  • Any female Junior curling teams (U18 or U20) wanting to play in an adult league, can play at a reduced cost
  • Cost is only $215 per curler
  • Teams MUST register by first contacting:



Sep 27

Oct 4, 18, 25

Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Dec 6, 13, 20


Jan 10, 17, 24, 31

Feb 7, 14, 28

Mar 7, 14, 21(Windup)

Playoffs: Mar 15 (2 Sheets), Mar 16 (1 Sheet)

No Curling: Oct 11 - Thanksgiving, Feb 21 - Family Day


Round 1

Round 1












































Go-Round 2

A  Division

 B Division 

 C Division

Go-Round 3

A  Division

 B Division 

 C Division


  • President: Jackie Gruber
  • Treasurer: Marg Matthews
  • Drawmaster: Marla Pearce

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