• Any New Curlers looking to find a new team or league, please complete this form and someone will be in contact to discuss any openings.

  • Registration is ongoing for  any outstanding registration and returning curlers. 

  • For assistance - contact Barb - 403 275 6666 x2264  or 587-392-2264

  • Registration is done ON LINE only. No cash or checks

  • Registration Opens August 1 - 2018. Please also remember to purchase your membership.

For membership purchase and registration click Here


If you would like to rent ice for a Curling event - corporate or social -    please contact curling office for details!!
Great rates - brooms/sliders available - instruction is mandatory for all rentals.

Junior Curling & Little Rocks #1 and Little Rocks #2

Refer to Junior Page for details - CURLING ROCKS!

Practice Ice

You must book your sheet through the office - 403-275-6666 ext.2264 or email
Members $5.00
Non-Members = $10.00
Call for available practice Ice times

Curling is a great sport and a fantastic social and team building activity that everyone can enjoy.  Here at Huntington Hills we believe in providing an atmosphere that promotes everything that is good about curling.

Curling Club Rules:

  • Sliders are NOT to be worn anywhere but on the Curling Ice Surface.
  • NEVER lift the curling rocks.  To Clean the rock simply tip the rock gently onto its side.  To move rocks around the ice slide or push them.  Always controlling the path direction and speed.
  • NEVER overthrow the rocks.  A controlled delivery is a great delivery.
  • ALWAYS protect the hacks. The curling rocks should never be allowed to crash into the hack.
  • Brooms should always be held bristle/brush side down, NEVER handle down.  Do not bang the broom on the ice surface.
  • No RUNNING at anytime for any reason.

We all want to assist in ensuring that the ice is in the best shape possible which is easier to provide with everyone's co-operation.

Thank you for your assistance in adhering to these few rules and code of conduct.



  • The shoes must not have any buckles or metal hooks on either the shoes or laces.
  • DO NOT lay, kneel or leave hands on the ice for long periods of time.  The heat from your body causes the ice to melt and causes inconsistency in the ice surface.  Once the stone has been delivered the only part touching the ice should be the feet.
  • NO bare legs allowed- pants, tights etc. must extend the full length of the leg.
  • NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND ON THE ICE AREA.  NO FOOD OR LIQUIDS ON THE ICE SURFACE AT ANYTIME. Capped water bottles are acceptable on the backboards.

 Ladies Spiel -  Contact Marg Matthews @ or
 November 2,3,4, 2018
 Entry Fee: $230 per team

 Men's Spiel -  Contact
 January 3,4,5,6, 2019

 Noel Junior Spiel - $100.00 Per Team Entry Fee 
 December 8, 2018
 Contact Barb Dickson at or
call 403-275-6666 ext. 2264
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