Executive Info

In order to keep consistency and not burn out our volunteers, it is crucial that we have new board members volunteer each year. The current members are willing to provide an overlap of support to any new members.

2018- 2019 Representatives                                                      

President - Andrew Stevenson
Past President – Shelley Wiebe
Secretary – Audrey Befus
Treasurer – Cole
VP - 
Curling Co-ordinator - Barb Dickson

2018-2019  League Representatives

Monday Night Ladies - Jackie Gruber
Tuesday/Thursday Mens - Andrew Stevenson
Wed Night Mixed - Gus Carlson
Thursday Day Ladies - Shelley Wiebe
Friday Night Mixed - Anne Marie Giasson
Friday Night Open - Tara Hunt
Saturday Open - Tim Hungate
Juniors - Barb Dickson


Executive Role Descriptions

  • Chairs the Annual General Meeting of the Huntington Hills Curling Club in September.
  • Chairs the monthly board of directors meetings (meetings held one a month) and extraordinarily meetings of the Huntington Hills Curling Club.
  • Represents the Curling Club at the monthly Community Association Meetings.
    Provides a coordinating, motivating and mediating role with the board of directors, committees, leagues, curling co-ordinator and other groups within the club.
  • Is a member of all committees set up by the club.
    Sets the agenda for Monthly board meetings and executive meetings as the need arises.
  • Has signing authority on the club account, along with the Treasurer and Vice-President.
  • Is a member of the Curling Club Executive and Board of Directors.
Vice President