Club Rules

Club Rules

Bell Rule

The bell will sound 1 hour & 55 minutes following the draw start. Following the bell:
· Complete the end you are playing
· An end is considered finished and the next end starts at the instant the first rock thrown crosses the nearest back line

Makeup Games

- Make-up or rescheduled games should be discouraged
- Decision to offer a make-up game is at the discretion of the league
- Both teams must agree – if either team is unable to move that is their prerogative
- Any makeup request should be agreed at least 2 weeks in advance
- League should first look to see if the make-up game can be arranged within their own draw times. IE Men’s league can offer Thu games on Tue etc. – any ice changes to be confirmed with co-ordinator to ensure ice is ready
- If this isn’t possible consult with the curling co-ordinator for available ice times, both teams should agree on ice time and have it booked. Co-ordinator will provide 2 or 3 draw times only that are currently available.

Five-Rock Rule 

We are now playing with the five-rock rule in the free guard zone.  Under the five-Rock rule, teams are not permitted to eliminate their opponent's rocks that are sitting in the free guard zone until five stones have been played in every end.  Players can still hit the guards; they just are not allowed to knock them out of play.

5 rock rule explained