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ATTENTION: 2021-2022 Season

 We are operating with no restrictions (except what is outlined below).

September 16, 2021

Due to the announcement by the Government last night, the Huntington Hills Community Association will be proceeding as a Restrictions Exemption Program for Fall 2021.

As such, adult sports participants & spectators  will be required to be double vaccinated, have a medical exemption, or a negative test result within 72 hours of their entry.

We are still working on logistics, enforcement, and rollout but are hopeful that this doesn’t impact any of our bookings.

We are relying on each organization / user group to ensure their compliance.

September 4, 2021

Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces and workplace.

Masks are not required while participating in a physical fitness activity (INCLUDES CURLING), performance activity, or a worship service at a place of worship.

Alcohol service must end at 10 p.m. in all licensed establishments (patreons can stay until 11 p.m.)

Do not have to wear masks when sitting down at a table (must wear masks when standing or walking around the licensed establishment).


Registration Is Open

Use "Leagues" header for full details for each league.

Online Registration will be available here


New Teams & Players

Interested in curling at Huntington Hills? All new players and teams please fill in this form before registering and paying. This will allow the relevant league to contact you and let you know if there is space or assist you in finding a team.


Returning Players

All returning players please proceed to register and pay online.

Players with a credit: Please go to pay online. Click on "Pay Now" and then pay the outstanding amount(s) (which includes the membership fee).


ATTENTION: Returning Teams

You can only sign up as individuals (the registering as a member of a team function – Not Available).

All members of your team (with a credit or paying in full) will sign up this way.

Have your skip inform the president, of your league, who is on the team.

Online Registration available here


Curling Lockers Available This Year: $20.00 per season (bring own lock)

There is a Mens Locker Room and a Ladies Locker Room

Contact: curling@huntingtonhillscalgary.com


ATTENTION: Wednesday Night Mixed League is now the Wednesday Night Open League

Please contact Alycia at alyciaberg@gmail.com for more information


Juniors & Little Rocks (1 & 2)

Starts October 16, 2021

Fees: Juniors (Ages 10-17) - $125.00 (15 sessions)

Fees: Little Rocks (Ages 5-9) - $75.00 (6 sessions)

Online Registration will be available here


Senior Drop-In Curling

Wednesday and Friday: 9:00am – 11:00am (Starts October 13th)

Fee: $8.00 (each time dropping in)

MANDATORY: All curlers MUST bring an extra pair of good grip running shoes or sneakers to wear on the ice (no dress shoes, hiking boots, street shoes, slippers, etc.). NO EXCEPTIONS – any shoes worn into the curling club will not be allowed on the ice.


Adult Learn to Curl

October 17th 2021– 2 pm to 4 pm

$40.00 per person

Online Registration available here



NEW: Sunday Night Mixed Doubles

6 Games

Season Starts: October 17th 2021

Draw Time: 7 pm

Fee: $100 per curler

Online Registration available here



Junior Team Entry Deal

Any female or male Junior curling teams (U18 or U20) wanting to play in an adult league, can play at a reduced cost:

  • The fee is only $215 per curler for female teams for entry into Monday Night Ladies

  • The fee is only $235 per curler for male teams for entry into either Tuesday or Thursday Night Men's league

  • Teams MUST register by first contacting curling@huntingtonhillscalgary.com


Refund Policy

In the event of closure (by AHS), refunds will be based on the following: The number of dates used divided by the number dates scheduled.

This is the same as last year.

      Ice Rental

If you would like to rent ice for a Curling event - corporate or social - please email curling@huntingtonhillscalgary.com

Brooms/sliders available - instruction is mandatory for all rentals.

Practice Ice

Book your sheet please email curling@huntingtonhillscalgary.com
Members: $5.00 (per person)
Non-Members: $10.00 (per person)
Practice ice available 330 pm - 500pm (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)


Further information will be posted once the season starts

E-mail: hhmensspiel@gmail.com for entry

Curling is a great sport and a fantastic social and team building activity that everyone can enjoy.  Here at Huntington Hills we believe in providing an atmosphere that promotes everything that is good about curling.

We all want to assist in ensuring that the ice is in the best shape possible which is easier to provide with everyone's co-operation.

Thank you for your assistance in adhering to these few rules and code of conduct.

  • Sliders are NOT to be worn anywhere but on the Curling Ice Surface.
  • NEVER lift the curling rocks.  To Clean the rock simply tip the rock gently onto its side.  To move rocks around the ice slide or push them.  Always controlling the path direction and speed.
  • NEVER overthrow the rocks.  A controlled delivery is a great delivery.
  • ALWAYS protect the hacks. The curling rocks should never be allowed to crash into the hack.
  • Brooms should always be held bristle/brush side down, NEVER handle down.  Do not bang the broom on the ice surface.
  • No RUNNING at anytime for any reason.

  • The shoes must not have any buckles or metal hooks on either the shoes or laces.
  • DO NOT lay, kneel or leave hands on the ice for long periods of time.  The heat from your body causes the ice to melt and causes inconsistency in the ice surface.  Once the stone has been delivered the only part touching the ice should be the feet.
  • NO bare legs allowed- pants, tights etc. must extend the full length of the leg.
  • NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND ON THE ICE AREA.  NO FOOD OR LIQUIDS ON THE ICE SURFACE AT ANYTIME. Capped water bottles are acceptable on the backboards.